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Montessori for Dementia and Ageing

About Montessori

From Child Study to Continuous Mental Development

Based on her training as a doctor, Maria Montessori approached her work with children from a scientific point of view, following their development, both physically and mentally. Her conclusion was that these children are able to learn on their own by interacting with the environment, which today’s science agrees with. Today Montessori principles are successful in working with multiple types of minds, including those of the elderly, patients with dementia or autism spectrum.

About Montessori Philosophy and Practices in detail:


A new perspective

You will discover an approach to dementia care that will completely change your perspective on aging and dementia.


A dynamic style

You will learn how to change the boring activity program into a dynamic, person-centered one that keeps patients’ interest active.



Practical Solutions

We will identify the mistakes we make most, without realizing, in the labeling and signaling of the routes, which lead to confusion and animosity

From CAN'T to CAN DO!

Redesigning Dementia Care

Workshop 17th-18th September, 2 days, Cluj Napoca, Romania

A Montessori workshop for health care professionals, family members, Montessori educators, residential care workers and others
interested in improving the lifes of elderly people and people with dementia

Early Bird


Register until April 1st 2020
  • You will receive the following facilities:
  • 2 Workshop days​
  • Access to the community​
  • Easy to use tools
  • Specialized communication techniques



Register until September 10th 2020
  • You will receive the following facilities:
  • 2 Workshop days
  • Access to the community
  • Easy to use tools
  • Specialized communication techniques

About the Trainer

Don't miss this opportunity to learn techniques and strategies designed by an international Montessori and dementia expert

Jennifer Brush

MDA Committee | Certified Educator

Jennifer Brush, MA, CCC/SLP is an award-winning Dementia Educator, author and consultant.
Passionate about enriching the lives of people with dementia, Jennifer is on a mission to put the
focus of care on the person’s preferences, interests and abilities.
With her over 25 years of industry experience, including leading countless live national and
international trainings, facilitating ground-breaking research, and managing innovative person-
centered projects for the Ohio Council for Cognitive Health, Jennifer flawlessly bridges the gap
between care communities and the individuals they serve. Jennifer serves on the Association
Montessori International (AMI) Advisory Board for Montessori for Aging and Dementia and she
is the only AMI Certified Educator for Montessori for Aging and Dementia in the US. She is also
adjunct faculty at St. Nicholas Montessori College in Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Jennifer is the author of several nationally recognized books on dementia. She is widely known
for her innovative work in the Spaced Retrieval memory intervention, pioneering this area of
study in speech-language pathology and publishing 2 books on the subject.

September 17th-18th 2020 SCHEDULE

You will learn about Montessori for aging and dementia, an innovative approach to care which enables individuals to care for themselves, others, and their community- bringing purpose and meaning to elders' lives, and increasing staff satisfaction significantly

Day 1 | 17 September

 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM 

8:00 AM Check in and Refreshments 

8:30 AM Person Centered Care 

  1. What is Person Centered Care? 

  2. Person Centered Assessments 

  3. The Importance of Person Centered Engagement 


9:30 AM Why Montessori? 

  1. Key Discoveries of Human Development 

  2. Key Components of Montessori Education 


10:30 AM Break 

10:45 AM Applying Montessori Methods to the Care Setting 

  1. Montessori for Aging and Dementia 

  2. Human Tendencies 

  3. Prepared Environment 


12:00 PM LUNCH 

1:00 PM Applying Montessori Methods to the Care Setting 

  1. Grace and Courtesy 

  2. Observation 

  3. Independence 


2:15 PM Break 

2:30 PM Montessori Demonstrations and Practice 

3:45 PM Break 

4:00 PM Applying Montessori Methods to the Care Setting 

  1. Discussion of Demonstrations and Practice 

  2. Assessing Outcomes 

  3. Take Aways

Day 2 | 18 September

8:30 AM to 3:00 PM 

8:00 AM Check in and Refreshments 

8:30 AM Understanding Dementia and Memory 

  1. The Amazing Brain 

  2. Disease Prevention 

  3. Types of Dementia 

  4. How Memory Works 


10:00 AM Break 

10:15 AM Best Practices for Dementia Care 

  1. Create a Meaningful Engagement Plan Activity 

  2. Communication 

  3. Evidence Based Design 


12:00 PM LUNCH 

1:00 PM Best Practices for Dementia Care 

  1. Spaced Retrieval Step by Step & Interactive Activity 


1:45 PM Putting Montessori into Action 

  1. Using the Montessori Approach with Any Activity 

  2. Where to Begin? 


3:00 PM Conclusion


Event Location

Montessori environments in Cluj-Napoca

The Romanian Montessori Foundation Cluj, has 4 Montessori prepared environments, in 4 different locations. The workshop will take place at the Montessori school in Cluj-Napoca, Brasov Street no. 33

Association Montessori Internationale ( AMI)

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